About Kevin Bordi

Kevin Bordi is a gamer, actor, writer, husband, father, college grad, movie buff, pet owner, gardener, game streamer, comic reader, sandwich master, Nobel Prize winner, armor forger, dragon slayer, time cop, and a gradual exaggerator.

5 games you can learn in 5 minutes

5 games you can learn in 5 minutes From the open ended fantasy world of Talisman, to the meticulous sci-fi strategy of Twilight Imperium, I’m always ready to throw down on longer running games. Sadly, there isn’t enough time some nights to crack into a 4 hour game. Sometimes all we’re looking for is a game we can teach quickly and pick up and go, so I’m highlighting some smaller games that can all be learned...

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Special Education Through Game Play

When teaching special needs students, flexibility is key. The best Special Education (SPED) teachers are adaptive and intuitive, anchoring their students with both support and a malleable lesson plan. When they see a safe place to teach a valuable lesson, they go towards it. I never had a full appreciation of what they do until I stumbled into teaching life lessons through board games in a public school. Years ago, I had the absolute pleasure to work...

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