Goblin Bros. has been Playing It Forward since 2018, and we are proud to announce that we are opening a brick and mortar store!

Coming in September, 2021!

133 Kentucky St.
Petaluma, CA 94952

Come by and visit the Goblin Bros. Tribe:

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Jereme Anglin


Matthew Long


Nicki Upson


Kathleen Bernales

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About Gryn & Grump, the Goblin Bros.

Gryn & Grump are brothers, and they are also goblins. Do you know goblins? They are those green-skinned creatures that are sometimes small, sometimes large and are often cast as marauding bands of monsters? 

Well, don't believe everything you've heard. 

You see, Gryn and Grump believe that the future is about bringing humans and goblins together. They know the power of games will overcome the fear and superstition that plagued their green-blooded race throughout history.  They want to Play It Forward, bringing humans and goblins together over the gaming table, giving back to the community and debunking old superstitions regarding goblins once an for all.

That feeling sometimes involves active dodging! 

Their own tribe isn't particularly happy about this endeavor.  After all, they have gone against their tribe's wishes and made the presence of Goblins known to human world. The brothers sometimes keenly feel the ramifications of this revelation and how it impacts their fellow Goblinkind. 

The Goblin Brothers are always looking for ways to improve their Trading Post and would love to hear your ideas!   

Whether it is new products, features you would like to see on the website, or a mistake that needs fixing, you can shoot the brothers an email at: GrynandGrump@GoblinBros.com.

Play it forward!

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