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Hey there, fellow adventurers! Time is ticking, and danger lurks around every corner. Are you ready to dive into the heart of the jungle, confront alien spiders, and escape a forsaken moon? Welcome to Forbidden Jungle, where the wild awaits, and your wits are your best allies. In this guide, brought to you by Goblin Brothers, we’ll unravel the secrets of Forbidden Jungle, a thrilling cooperative board game designed by the talented Matt Leacock.

The Quest Begins: Escape the Moon

In Forbidden Jungle, your mission is clear: escape a remote moon by reactivating a long-forgotten portal. To achieve this, you must position an illuminated Crystal on each side of the portal, prepare it, gather all adventurers, and ensure the tile is clear of alien eggs, hatchlings, and adults. It’s a race against time, and your Squad of Adventure Seekers must prevail. But beware, there are multiple ways to lose, as we’ll soon discover.

Game Essentials and Setup

Before embarking on your jungle expedition, let’s set up the game. Select a Spaceport card and replicate its contents. Arrange the jungle tiles, keeping the unexplored side up, leaving space between them. Fool’s Landing takes its place amidst the tiles. Place alien Miniatures according to the pattern on the Spaceport card. Don’t forget to set the cardboard threat meter to your chosen difficulty level and shuffle the threat and Equipment X cards, keeping them face down near the jungle.

Each player receives an adventurer with a unique special ability, determining their color for the game. Place each adventurer’s matching Pawn on Fool’s Landing, and with that, you’re ready to begin your adventure!

Your Expedition Actions

In Forbidden Jungle, you have up to four actions at your disposal, which you can use in any combination:

  1. Move: Shift your Pawn to an adjacent tile, but remember, no diagonal moves are allowed. Some tiles have tunnels for quick travel.
  2. Explore: Flip over an unexplored tile, provided it’s devoid of aliens. Equipment symbols on tiles allow you to draw equipment cards when explored.
  3. Remove: Use this action to eliminate adult aliens, hatchlings, eggs, or webs from your tile, returning them to the supply. Regular removal is crucial to avoid running out of tokens.
  4. Operate: If your Pawn is on a tile with a machine (configurator, compeller, destruct switch, or portal), spend an action to operate it. Each machine serves a unique purpose.

Machine Mastery

The jungle is teeming with machines, and mastering them is the key to victory. Among the four types, the configurator is pivotal. It allows you to slide a tile any number of empty spaces in one direction, as long as it ends up adjacent to another tile.

The compeller forces adults and hatchlings on one tile to move to an adjacent one, even through tunnels. However, it doesn’t affect eggs or adventurers. The destruct switch lets you remove a tile along with its contents, except adventurers.

Lastly, the portal is your ticket to victory. Once both sides align with illuminated Crystals, and no aliens infest the tile, one action activates the portal, securing your escape.

Beware the Threat Cards

After your actions, it’s time to draw threat cards equal to the current Threat Level. These cards dictate alien movements, web drops, and other surprises. Keep an eye out for adult aliens, as they’ll seek adventurers to sting. Losing all health points results in immediate poisoning and defeat. As the game progresses, the Threat Level will increase, and the jungle’s collapse becomes a real threat. Teamwork, communication, and strategy are your best allies.

Victory and Defeat

To win Forbidden Jungle, align illuminated Crystals on both sides of the portal, gather all adventurers there, and clear the tile of alien infestations.

However, there are many ways to lose:

  1. Running out of alien tokens when needed.
  2. Reaching the burst symbol on the Threat Level meter.
  3. Adventurers losing all health to adult alien stings.
  4. A threat card causing a tile with adventurers to collapse, with no adjacent escape.
  5. All illuminated Crystal or portal tiles being removed from play.

Forbidden Jungle continues Matt Leacock’s tradition of challenging yet accessible cooperative games, following in the footsteps of the beloved Forbidden Island.

Conclusion: Embrace the Jungle

The jungle is unforgiving, but with determination and teamwork, you can conquer Forbidden Jungle and escape the forsaken moon. So gather your Squad of Adventure Seekers, prepare for the unknown, and embark on an unforgettable journey. At Goblin Brothers, we believe in your ability to survive the wild and emerge victorious in Forbidden Jungle!

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