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Trailer Park Wars!


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The object of the game is to gain as many flamingos as you can. Flamingos represent points.

Each player arranges 12 trailers in front of them shaped like a clock. In the middle are randomized cards that represent the name of the player's trailer park. This has no effect on game play.

Players have seven cards to start. On each turn each player plays three cards, discards one and draw back up to seven. Each of the Trailer Park Wars cards are separated into one of 4 types:

Action Cards: can help the player or be used against an opponent.

Tenant Cards: with traits that include their job, age, what they can be placed near in your trailer park (for example an old man can't cannot be placed near a rock musician), also there is an icon depicting how many flamingos they are worth.

Amenities Cards: allow for more points when played.

Natural Disaster Cards: have a negative effect on an opposing player.

Once all the flamingos are gone, the player with the most flamingos wins.

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