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Shadowrun: Colombian Subterfuge


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Requires Shadowrun, Twentieth Anniversary Edition. Offers the character statistics, setting information, and plot points needed for gamemasters to take players on the third in a series of adventures that will continue to show the machinations of the newest megacorporation, Horizon, while also plunging players into the chaos of the Aztlan-Amazonia War. • Continues a plot strand that will culminate in a campaign book that reveals more about the Horizon Corporation than has ever been shown before. • Involves players into the shadows of war, as they plant seeds for propaganda that could influence the ongoing battle. • Brings the players into the wilds of Bolivia and forces them to attempt to stay out of harm’s way in a war zone. • Builds on plotlines, characters, and situations covered in War! • Can be played alone or as the continuation to the Horizon series, which will have ramifications in the ongoing Shadowrun


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