Rifts Coalition Wars Vol. 4 : Cyber-Knights


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The Coalition`s siege on Tolkeen has had a devastating impact on people across North America. None have been more affected than the Cyber-Knights. This sourcebook reveals not only the history and secrets of the Cyber-Knights, but the schism the war has created among the fabled warriors. ! Cyber-Knight O.C.C., secrets and powers revealed. ! In-depth examination of the Code of Chivalry. ! Cyber-Knight Factions and rules of combat. ! Crusaders, Fallen Knights, Robber Knights and Despoilers. ! Lord Coake statted out, along with stats for other Cyber- Knights. ! Notable weapons and armor of the Cyber-Knights. ! Story background, adventure outlines, ideas and more. ! Interior art by Freddie Williams II, Wayne Breaux Jr. and Mike Wilson. ! Cover by Dave Dorman. ! Written by Kevin Siembieda.

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