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Pathfinder RPG: Adventure Path – Shattered Star Part 5 – Into the Nightmare Rift


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The seven shards of the Shattered Star have been recovered, and the Pathfinders prepare a grand festival on Magnimar`s Irespan to celebrate this incredible achievement, concluding with the reassembly of the seven shards into the legendary Sihedron, itself. But, as the ritual to re-forge the artifact culminates, ancient contingencies rumble to life, and as the dead heart of Thassilon begins to beat once again, all of Magnimar is put in terrible danger! With the power of the Sihedron on their side, the heroes take a stance against this risen evil – but will the aid of an ancient artifact be enough to save them all? The final chapter in the Shattered Star Adventure Path, The Dead Heart of Xin is a Pathfinder Roleplaying Game adventure for 15th-level characters.

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