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Once More Unto the Stars is an RPG about idealistic space exploration, extremely inspired by Star Trek (and within that broad category, largely drawn from the Next Generation, DS9, and Voyager era). You play the crew of a starship, exploring the galaxy and attempting to do good and help people. Along the way, you’ll stumble into trouble, and will have to find your way out of it again, helping one another whenever possible and recuperating by spending time together. You will also take turns GMing, resulting in episodes that feel different from one another, but which have recurring plot threads as enemies and allies you encounter (and which you, as an audience, have enjoyed) keep on coming back. This game owes significant debts of gratitude to the larger, official Star Trek Game, Star Trek Adventures. It also borrows mechanics from Fate Accelerated Edition and Apocalypse World and its many successors. This game is also very much drawn on experience playing a Trek game that started in STA and ended up in a lightly-hacked FAE format; some of this is turning our practices there into written-out rules. Shout-out to the crew of the U.S.S. Sappho.


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