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Three games in one is what you'll find in this big box of fun From Djeco! First, look at the colorful animals as they enjoy the sunny field. Now all but one player turns away from the animals while the one remaining player covers an animal with one of the stacking boxes. Everyone turn back around – who can determine which animal is hiding? A fun game encouraging color and pattern recognition based on the Djeco game little Memo.Next the farm animals are ready to take a little stroll down the beautiful path. Each player chooses an animal and then takes a turn rolling the large, rounded die. Did you roll a color? Then hop over to the next matching stepping stone! But if you rolled a bug – uh oh! Time to go back one space! Includes six soft vinyl animals, 15 sturdy paperboard stacking boxes and 2 large, child safe dice. A game with clear, simple rules based on Djeco little circuit game. And finally, players take turns stacking the different shaped paperboard boxes and animals. Will the piece you add make the stack fall or will you succeed and balance your tower? A fun game where children practice their motor skills based on the little balancing game by djeco.Enjoy all three games in one big box!because play is essential to a child's development, Djeco creates toy collections that are always entertaining, educational and imaginative. Staying faithful to their philosophy of incorporating art into play, the passionate and inventive Djeco creative team INCLUDES unique illustration and bold graphic design into all of their toys.


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