Lost Tome of Monster Mystery Loot (blind bag)


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A LOST ARCANE TOME IS THE ULTIMATE REFERENCE TO MONSTERS. EACH PAGE TELLS A STORY, AND THE STORY CAN EXIST ON YOUR VERY TABLETOP…. Foam Brain Games is excited to be back with our latest Mystery Loot, Lost Tome of Monsters. Each loot contains matching items themed around a specific monster! Each D20 is a slightly oversized metal die with a custom 20 side and a beautiful enamel finish. Each package also includes a themed encounter suitable for your favorite RPG. These contain both a small encounter and some ideas for adventure hooks to continue from there to the rest of your game. 18 total monsters to collect! Each monster has 1 of 2 encounter card variants for a total of 36 different possible encounters! Pinatures combine an enamel pin and a miniature that’s usable in fantasy RPGs! The page of the lost tome flips down to form the base of the miniature. These models are designed to fit on a standard 1″ battlemat.


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