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Da Vinci Ornithopter Model Kit

Flying has always been a dream of humans, and Leonardo’s fascination with birds and flight was evident in his studies

Hydraulic Machines 4-in-1 Wooden Kit by Pathfinders Design

Cherry Picker, Platform Lifter, Excavator, Scissor Lift Fun for Future Engineers — Hands-on construction and creation of four simple machines

Leonardo Da Vince Aerial Screw Model

The Aerial Screw is one of Leonardo’s most iconic drawings, and defines an artist and inventor well ahead of his

Leonardo da Vinci Bridge Kit by Pathfinders

The unique structure of this bridge holds itself together without any fasteners or connectors. The parts are notched for easy

Roman Catapult Model Kit by Pathfinders Design

Pathfinders is dedicated to creating compelling, innovative, wooden science kits and models that challenge children of all ages to explore