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2 Inch Round Plastic Miniature RPG Base (Pack of 10) Reaper Miniatures

40mm Red Translucent Bases (5)

50mm Red Translucent Bases (3)

Accessories: 25mm Square Slotted Bases (20)

Cactus (5/16″ to 1.25″ Tall) (60) Pegasus


Coloured Bricks


Infinity: Bases 55mm (5)

Malifaux: 30mm Black Round Plastic Bases (10)

Miniature Bases: 20mm Round Plastic Flat Top Base (25)

Miniature Bases: 20mm Square Plastic Flat Top Base (25)

Miniatures Tools: Hobby Round Marsh Blend

Miniatures Tools: Hobby Round Snow

Miniatures Tools: Hobby Round Spring Undergrowth

Miniatures Tools: Hobby Round Tundra/Ash Flock Foundation

Parched Pasture Kit


Reaper Base Boss: 50mm Round Gaming Base (10)

Reaper Base Boss: 55mm Round Gaming Base (10) by Reaper

Scenics: Patchy Grass

Scenics: Sandy Tufts

Urban Street Poles #2


Warlord Scenics: Dead 10mm Tufts


Warlord Scenics: Flower 10mm Tufts


Warlord Scenics: Marshland 10mm Tufts


Warlord Scenics: Wild Grass 10mm Tufts


WizKids Deep Cuts Unpainted Miniatures: 25mm Round Base (15) Clear

WizKids Deep Cuts Unpainted Miniatures: 50mm Round Base (10) Clear