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A Certain Scientific Railgun – Gekota Patch

Attack on Titan Patch – SD Annie

Attack on Titan Scout Regiment Patch (Large)


Black Butler Pentagram Patch

Bleach: Chibi Ulquiorra Patch

Bleach: Kon Halt Anime Patch

Blue Exorcist Mephisto & Amaimon 1” (Set of 2) Pins

Deadman Wonderland Senji Patch

Death Note Apple in Hand Patch Miniature Novelty Toys,,

Death Note Kira & Near Puppet Pin Set Miniature Novelty Toys

Death Note L Patch

Dragon Ball Krillin Embroidered Patch – Dragon Ball Patch

Durarara: Izaya and Shizuo Anime Pin Set

Fairy Tail : Lucy w/ Ice Cream Patch

Free! Patch – Iwatobi Swimming Club Logo

Inuyasha: InuYasha Attack Stance Anime Patch.


Madoka Magica – Sweets Witch Pin Set

Magi Aladdin & Ugo Pinset

Megaman 10 Proto Man Patch

Pin Set – Kuroko’s Basketball – New Taiga & Aomine (Set of 2)

Rosario Vampire Kurumu and Mizore (Set of 2) Pins

Sailor Moon Mercury & Mars Pin Set

Sekirei Musubi Patch

Sekirei Sekirei Pvc Pin Set

Sekirei Tsukiumi Patch

Sonic the Hedgehog: Sonic and Tails Frame Anime Pins (Set of 2)

Strike Witches: Sanya Orussian Patch

Tiger & Bunny Wild Logo Patch

xxxHOLiC: Pins Set (Metal) – Fox and Lantern