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3″ Commando Mortar Team Miniatures

One of the unsung weapons to see action during the war, the 3 inch Mortar, served throughout the conflict and

Autoblinda Ab41 Armoured Car Miniature

Contains: 1 Resin and Metal Vehicle. Bolt Action Stat Card Decal Sheet Vehicle Damage Markers

BA: British: Commandos! (25)

Striking from the sea, most often from the dark, the army and naval Commandos caused great apprehension to German sentries

Bolt Action M4 Sherman Medium Tank 1:56 WWII Military Wargaming Plastic Model Kit

The tank was first used to its full capability during World War II and formed an important strength of the

Bolt Action: Anti-Tank Obstacles

The development of fast-moving reliable tanks LED to many ideas of how to slow or destroy them. Large shaped blocks

Bolt Action: Armies of France and the Allies

World War II was truly a ‘world’ war, and many nations joined the fight against Germany and the Axis. This

Bolt Action: Blitzkrieg Panzergrenadiers (30 plus 3 Hanomags)

German Army: Blitzkreig Panzergrenadiers (30 + 3 Hanomags) PLASTIC BOX

Bolt Action: British Royal Navy Section

The British Royal Navy has a centuries-long distinguished history and a reputation for excellence. During the early 20th century Britannia

Bolt Action: British Universal Carrier

The Universal Carrier, or Bren carrier as it became popularly known, was just that a multi-purpose, tracked and armored vehicle

Bolt Action: Chi-Ha Platoon

The standard medium tank for Japanese forces. Used mainly for infantry support rather than use against other tanks. Armed with

Bolt Action: German Hetzer Tank

Based on the reliable Czechoslovakian Panzer 38(t) chassis, almost 3,000 of Hetzers (Baiters) were built by the war’s end. Their

Bolt Action: German Panzer IV Ausf. F1/G/H Medium Tank

Whilst the propaganda headlines may well have gone to the big cats such as the Panther and the Tiger, the

Bolt Action: German Puma SdKfz 234/2 Armoured Car (plastic)

The Puma is, arguably, one of the best-looking armoured cars of WWII. A variant of the Sdkfz 234 it boasted

Bolt Action: Italian M13/40 Tank

This product is for use in the Bolt Action tabletop game. Models are supplied unpainted, and require assembly. Any scenery

Bolt Action: Japanese Bamboo Spear Fighter Squad

At the end of WW2 the Japanese were short of weapons so fought with anything that they could find. Some

Bolt Action: Japanese Type 95 Ha-Go Light Tank

Pack contains 1 metal and resin vehicle. Supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.

Bolt Action: Korea

A new supplement bringing Bolt Action to a new period and conflict, the Korean War, with special rules, forces, and

Bolt Action: Soviet Starter Army

Following early defeats at the hands of the German invader, the Soviet Army rapidly became an organized, highly effective war

Bolt Action: StuG III

The Sturmgeschütz (StuG) III was a well-armed and armored vehicle based on the tried and tested Pz.Kpfw III chassis. Manned

Bolt Action: Tank War Soviet Starter Set

This mega box contains three T34-85 tank kits and three IS-2 kits. Also included are a mini rule book, orders

Bolt Action: US Army Jeep with 30 Cal MMG

In June 1940 the American army asked for a vehicle that could “go-anywhere”. The answer was the four-wheel drive Willys

Bolt Action: US Army Jeep with 50 Cal HMG

Developed for reconnaissance and liaison duties, the jeep was well suited to a variety of roles and was even used

Bolt Action: US Marine Corps Starter Army

That’s a contents of: 7 USMC sprues 2 US weapon sprues 1 M3A1 plastic half-track Metal Corpsman (medic) Metal Flamethrower

Hail Caesar: Classical World Greek Phalanx (40)

Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.

Warlord Games German Pioneers WWII German Assault Engineers – Bolt Action

Germany Assault Pioniers were skilled at building all manner of fortifications, communications lines, tank traps and minefields. In addition to

Warlord Games, Korean War British Infantry Section (Summer)

Troops from Britain and the Commonwealth provided the largest contingent of United Nations forces to the Korean War – second