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Hail Caesar: Battles with Model Soldiers in the Ancient Era

Rick Priestley is a world-renowned games designer having created Games Workshop’s Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 game systems amongst others. Following

Hail Caesar: Enemies of Rome Celtic Warriors (40)

Celtic Warriors.Package contents: 40 x Celtic warrior figures, 1 x full colour waterslide shield decal sheet.Package Info: -Product is for

Hail Caesar: Macedonian Successor Starter Army

A Perfect balance of core strength, fast cavalry, and a hard hitting elephant regiment. This starter set can be used

Hail Caesar: Saxon Army

Leading with a Saxon Warlord, defend your homes and land with this Saxon starter army! This complete starter set includes:

Warlord Games WLWGH-GR-01 Spartani – Hail Caesar

The Spartans are possibly the most famous fighting men in history, and rightly so! Spartan Hoplites were respected and feared