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5pc Diamond File Set 100mm


Auxiliary Products: Pipettes medium size (3ml) (8 units)

Auxiliary Products: Satin Varnish (60ml)

Auxiliary Products: Surface Primer IJA-Kare-Kusa-IRO Parched Grass (late) (17 ml)

Auxiliary Products: Surface Primer IJA-Tsuchi-Kusa-IRO Earth Green (early) (200 ml)


Brush: Round Toray (Tri Handle) 2

Brush: Round Toray (Tri Handle) 3/0

Brush: Round Toray P54 2/0

Game Air: Beasty Brown (17 ml)

Game Air: Dead Flesh (17 ml)

Game Color: Heavy Green (17ml)

Game Color: Heavy Siena (17ml)

Game Color: Skin Wash (17ml)

MC: Aux: Matte Medium (17 ml.)

Model Air Acrylic Paint, Wood by Vallejo

Model Color: Azure (17ml)

Model Color: Deep Sky Blue (17ml)

Model Color: French Infantry Napoleonic Wars


Model Color: Scarlet (17ml)

Model Color: WWIII Paint Set – Soviet Armour & Infantry


Model Wash: Dark Yellow (35ml)

Precision Masking Tape 10mm x18m – Twin Pack

Precision Masking Tape 18mmx18m – Single Pack

Precision Masking Tape 3mmx18m – Twin Pack

Precision Masking Tape 6mmx18m – Twin Pack

Retarder Medium (60ml)

Scenics: Normandy Village Wall (24x7cm)


Soft Grip Craft Knife No. 1 with #11 Blade

Vallejo Acrylic Paint, Medium Grey

Vallejo Bronze Green Paint, 17ml

Vallejo Coloured Modelling Tool


Vallejo Dark Khaki Green Model Wash

Vallejo Flat Earth Paint, 17ml

Vallejo Game Air Light Livery Green Paint

Vallejo Game Air Stonewall Grey Paint

Vallejo Intermediate Blue Model Color Paint, 17ml