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Oliver is a father, a husband, and a player of games. He enjoys watching the Dolphins and the Lakers and drinking local beers. Check out his professional Dungeon Master website at

Game books on my chair with dice and a boat miniature.

Prepping for Your Game

Epic Station RPG Advice: Prepping for the Game Ah, game prep; it is both the bane and the blessing of the conscientious Game Master. You want to run a game for your friends and, importantly, you want to do a good job at it. Naturally, you want your players to have a rollicking adventure with memorable encounters and unpredictable thrills, so, a few days before gameday, you sit down with a few books and a notepad,...

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Scum and Villainy Review

Scum and Villainy Review Scum and Villainy, written by Stras Acimovic and John LeBeouf-Little (and published by Evil Hat Productions), is the sci-fi reskin of Blades in the Dark and allows its players to smuggle droid parts, to hunt alien bounties on distant planets, and to fight the galactic hegemony as scrappy rebels. This review is dedicated to exploring Scum and Villainy, focusing on both the positive and less positive aspects.  The short version is this:...

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